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The membership at BLUS not only gives you lots of opportunities, but it is also a nice way to support us. We are a non-profit organization, whatever we are doing, we are not getting paid for that, as well as we are not sponsored by other organizations. All the events are organized on the resources our members provide to us. The membership is a way to sustain and develop BLUS even further.

Membership at BLUS will give you discounts at Studenterhuset all the year long, as well as in some other place in Copenhagen. If you want to become a member contact us on or come to us during the event. The price of the membership is going to be announced in January 2017.

NOTE: It is not obligatory to be a member of BLUS to participate in ours events.

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We are also looking for guest bloggers, writers and journalists, so do consider if that could be something for you. If you would like to write about your student life experiences, queer life, life in Copenhagen or thoughts on certain topics, or maybe all of these at once, do contact us on At least one post a month is what we are aiming for. If you fall over something you think should be posted for everyone to see, send it to us, and we will put it up. And now that you are on the site, have a look around to get acquainted with it. We hope you will like it as much as we do.

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The board of BLUS can always use new hands. The general assembly is held in April each year, and anyone who is interested in a board work can run for the board. BLUS’s board is responsible for the managing of the whole organizations, which includes the events, webpage, Facebook page, organization’s other activity and collaboration with different other organizations and people. Working on the board will give you lots of organizational experience, and a lot of skills, and a lot of new contacts. In order to be eligible for running as a boardmember, you need to be a member of BLUS for at least 4 weeks. Come talk to us at a BLUS event, or write to if you have got questions. Ahoy, jump on board!

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You decide. Do you want to arrange an event with BLUS? Do you have an idea for a lecture? Or maybe you want to do or hear about something? Or BLUS might help you with your project or research? Anyone can come with ideas and opinions as to what BLUS should do and be. Do not hesitate to use BLUS as a platform for realizing your ideas. Contact us during events of write to